48-hour rental

48-hour rental


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Rental period: 48 hours

Runtime: 72 min

NOTE: Original French version with English subtitles.
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Documentary | HD | Color | French| English subtitles| 72 min | Canada | 2017


Founded by Jeanne Mance in 1642 at the same time as the city, the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal is about to disappear, to be replaced by the new CHUM. THE LAST BREATH immerses us in an enclosed world where life, death, love and friendship coexist in close proximity. This film is above all a tale of courage and resilience, the story of its final occupants. Like a story-within-a-story filled with humanity, a series of events both large and small unfold within the walls of the hospital during its final two years. For afterwards, nothing will ever be the same.